Star becomes the first of her Wildlife Watch group to earn the Kestrel Award

Wildlife Watch groups are an exciting way to explore local wildlife close to home and share moments with other really wild children!

We have ten Wildlife Watch groups across our region, run by dedicated volunteers who use their experience to nurture a genuine love of nature that hopefully lasts a lifetime.

As well as building dens in the wood, pond dipping in summer and creating festive wreaths when it’s too chilly to spend many hours outdoors, our Watch group members can take part in our fun award scheme. They start off at Hedgehog level and fly on to the more advanced Kestrel Award before ultimately having the opportunity to become a fully-fledged nature ranger.

Recently we were told that one of our Watch group members, Star, has now completed her Kestrel Award. Star is a member of the Longton Brickcroft group which meets once a month and is run by Sue Banister, who wrote to tell us all about Star's achievement.

Star with her Kestrel Award at her Wildlife Watch group

Star with her Kestrel Award

For her 'Create it' challenge, Star made a super collage of animals and birds using autumn leaves. She wrote a lovely piece of prose about nature and the importance of looking after it, and also did a beautiful colour pencil drawing of a robin.

For the 'Record it' challenge Star visited Mere Sands Wood with her family over the summer, and she produced a fantastic nature diary which was full of information and drawings about the things she saw. Sue tells us that Star’s illustrations really are great.

Star holding up the bird box she made as part of her Kestrel Award

Star with the bird box she made as part of her Kestrel Award

For her 'Do it' challenge, Star made and put up a bird box and made a step-by-step record board of how she did it. She also made a butterfly and insect feeder to attract them into her garden for observation. Star also put bird feeders and a bird bath out, and again, made a photographic record board of how she completed it all.

Finally, for her 'Shout about it' challenge, Star put her hard work on display in the Longton Brickcroft visitor centre, where it has been seen by all her Wildlife Watch buddies as well as lots of people who visit the reserve.

Sue says that hopefully this will inspire others to take up the challenge, and went on to say:

We are very proud of Star for taking on the Kestrel Award and being the first one of our group to do so. She has overcome some educational challenges and she has a real passion for wildlife and a wonderful imagination.

We are so pleased with everything Star has achieved and want to say a big, "Well done Star!" from everyone here at the Trust. And for anyone else wanting to follow in Star's muddy footprints? Click the button below to find your local Wildlife Watch group and get Involved – we’d love to meet you!

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