The (feeding) frenzy after the Storm

The (feeding) frenzy after the Storm

Tree sparrow by Dave Steel

Day three of my 12 Days of Christmas, started for me at 3am today when Storm Bella woke me from the calm of my sleep. How on earth are the birds faring somewhere out there whilst I am comfortably set in my comfy ‘cave’?

Whatever the morning offered I was determined to discover the answer as I returned to my slumber.

A bright, if late, start and, soon, it was as I had hoped - somehow the chosen roosting places and perches taken by the birds had served them well and their morning was well underway, as my sleepy-head start to the day had finally got me out of the house and onto Little Woolden Moss.

A mixed flock of birds taking advantage of one of our farmers’ perhaps less intense farming approaches, were frenziedly re-stoking their inner fires of life on leftover grain. It seemed that Bella had not blown away the daily survival spirits of  the chaffinch, linnet, tree sparrow and redwing that were feeding at the Good Farmer’s Café.

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