Time and the dandelion

Dandelions are anything but boring 'weeds'. Our volunteer, David Merry, takes a look at the beauty and rich history surrounding this beautiful wildflower.

Brown form of the great black slug making its way across a garden path

A sluggish winter

Poke around in the nooks and crannies of your garden and you'll find life even in the depths of winter, as our volunteer and guest blogger, David Merry, demonstrates.

An adult jackdaw standing on a limestone rock

A jackdaw nursery

Our volunteer, David Merry, has welcomed all kinds of noisy young visitors to his garden over summer. Read all about the merry band of young birds he's had the pleasure of watching.

Hedgehogs caught feeding on volunteer David Merry's trail camera

Prickly characters

Hedgehogs are a rarer and rarer sight in our gardens, but our volunteer, David Merry, is lucky enough to have a whole family visiting his wildlife garden! Read all about their antics.