My Myplace Journey: Melanie

My Myplace Journey: Melanie

Before starting with Myplace Melanie struggled with low mental health, anxiety and uncertainty about her future and finding a secure job. This is her story.

Melanie was feeling very low and tearful upon coming to Myplace and was experiencing depression and anxiety. She didn’t feel like she could function all the time and didn’t feel very positive about the future. She was receiving help from the local Community Mental Health Team and the local council’s Social Prescribers, who referred her into Myplace. Melanie was unemployed and wanted to work but didn’t quite accept that she wasn’t ready to yet due to her mental health. It hurt her knowing that this was a barrier that she didn’t feel able to overcome. 

Melanie felt that her anxiety around technology was a large barrier to accessing employment. When starting new jobs, Melanie would struggle to control her nerves and anxiety and this would affect her job performance. This, in turn, would then affect her confidence.

During lockdown, Melanie signed up to recieve weekly wellbeing calls from Myplace.

Person on a phone call

Melanie received weekly wellbeing calls from our Myplace team

Melanie received telephone support from her Project Officer at Myplace to help her access her emails and was able to join a Zoom meeting with her Project Officer. Her Project Officer also communicated with the local Job Centre and, in partnership with them, successfully referred Melanie onto a supported employment programme that will support Melanie’s health and wellbeing whilst helping her gain employment. This programme is now working with Melanie to help improve her confidence with technology and is looking to get her enrolled on an IT course, helping to lift one of the main barriers to employment. This has helped Melanie feel more hopeful about the future.

It’s made me feel like even though you might have a few problems you still deserve to have a job.
Myplace Participant

Melanie received weekly wellbeing calls from her Project Officer during periods of lockdown which she said has helped her a lot. She appreciated having someone take the time to call her and ask how her week had been. Knowing that someone was on the other end of the phone if she needed it has really helped her mental health.  When lockdown was lifted, Melanie took part in some outdoor Myplace sessions. She felt this really benefited her mental health as it helped distract her from her thoughts and got her out of the house. The sessions helped lift Melanie’s mood as well as improve her resilience and her confidence. The sessions also gave Melanie something to be proud of – A highlight was building her own Christmas reindeer with us!

Melanie is now actively engaged with her key worker from the supported employment programme.  They are helping Melanie to improve her practical job skills as well as her wellbeing. Melanie feels more confident and hopeful about getting a job in future and sustaining that employment with support. 

Before starting with us, Melanie wanted to have the sense of identity that comes with being employed, she now feels that she’s halfway there and the goal is now in sight.

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