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Cuttlefish by Alexander Mustard/2020VISION

Living Seas North West

The Irish Sea has the potential to be one of the most productive and wildlife-rich places on earth.

Hidden beneath the surface of the Irish Sea are landscapes every bit as varied as those we see on land, with undersea cliffs, caves, valleys and mountains which are home to thousands of plants and animals from tiny anemones to the majestic basking shark.

For centuries our seas riches have been taken for granted. Fragile habitats have been destroyed. Pollution, inappropriate fishing gear and the effects of climate change have had major detrimental impacts on our marine environment.

We are working to change this. Living Seas North West is campaigning for more Marine Conservation Zones, engaging local people with the marine environment, and raising awareness about the diversity of marine life in the Irish Sea and along the coast. Through exciting events and immersive activities we are uncovering some of the mysteries of the Irish Sea and inspiring new generations to protect our fascinating marine life.

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From coastal surveys and seabird-watching events to rockpooling and mud-dipping for families, there is a marvellous marine event for absolutely everyone.

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Our Irish Sea

Find out more about our three year project delivering inspirational and engaging marine activities to raise awareness about the diversity of marine life in 'Our Irish Sea'.

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Lion's mane jellyfish by Alexander Mustard/2020VISION