My Wild City

My Wild City

Reconnecting people and wildlife in their gardens

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What is My Wild City?

My Wild City is our new campaign that aims to reconnect people with their gardens and the wildlife living within them. To do this we must link up our green spaces and gardens to save local wildlife.

The My Wild City scheme is a Wildlife Trust initiative and is already running very successfully in several cities including Bristol, Cardiff, London and Leeds. We want to add Manchester to the list of Wild Cities, but we need your help.

Living in an industrial city can sometimes make you feel as if you are disconnected from nature. However, a survey in 2016-2018 led by Manchester Metropolitan University called ‘My Back Yard’, found that 49% of Manchester’s land cover is made up of green and blue (water) spaces. Collectively, gardens make up 20% of this green space across Manchester - so the power is in all of our hands to get stuck in and make a difference.

Read the full findings of this research here

Our vision

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Making Manchester a My Wild City

Our vision is for anyone living and working in Manchester to help transform work places, gardens and our open spaces into a city-wide nature reserve.

Together we can create a nature-rich city that puts wildlife right on our doorsteps, giving everyone the opportunity to experience the joy of wildlife every day.

If we connect habitats and green spaces, we can create wildlife corridors – ‘green highways’ that enable wildlife to move easily around the city and that link up to the countryside in Greater Manchester and beyond.

Whether you live, work or go to school in Manchester, there are lots of ways you can get involved today. If everyone does one thing for wildlife, we will make a huge difference.

Order your My Wild Garden pack

Find out more about My Wild Garden and order your free My Wild Garden Pack below. Once we've sent out your pack, a small red dot will be added to the map below using your postcode, to show you the bigger network you are part of.

In your pack we'll ask you to come back to this page and submit the actions you have taken under My Wild Champion. This data will be used to, again, populate the map below, and will also be sent off to Manchester Metropolitan University for research to help local wildlife. So order away, there's a limited supply!

Order a My Wild Garden pack

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We want to help reconnect people with their gardens and local green spaces, creating wildlife corridors and green networks for both people and wildlife to move through.