Take local action

Take local action

Cain Scringemour

If each of us does everything we can to help wildlife in our area, together, we can give nature a fighting chance at recovery

There are lots of things you can do where you live, from wildlife recording to volunteering to planting pots for pollinators. The important thing to remember is that each small action you take joins together to create a huge wave of change.

It's not too late to bring our wildlife back.

Why record wildlife?

Wildlife recording is a fun way to spend your time and you are making a real difference to the beautiful plants and creatures that surround you. Up-to-the-minute records of plants and animals are crucial for conservationists, scientists and universities that are fighting to stop nature's breakdown. They are also really important for people, like yourselves, who love connecting with their local wildlife.

We can't help wildlife recover if we don't know who our wild neighbours are.

Wildlife recording events

Why not link up with other like-minded nature-lovers and take part in an organised wildlife recording event?

The Greenspace Challenge - Liverpool

Logo for the Year of the Environment 2019: Liverpool City Region initiative

Liverpool’s City Region has set itself a year-long Greenspace Challenge to encourage us all to connect with the natural world by recording our wildlife sightings. And it’s off to a flying start, with more than 10,000 sightings recorded already!

There are several green spaces registered for the challenge, including three of our own wild places - Lunt Meadows, Seaforth Nature Reserve and Freshfield Dune Heath - so download the iNaturalist app and get started!

Click here to find out more and don't forget to share your photos and results on social media with the hashtag #GreenspaceChallenge.

The City Nature Challenge - Liverpool and Manchester

Liverpool and Manchester will be competing in this year’s City Nature Challenge for the first time. And if you live in those areas you will have an opportunity to take part in a worldwide BioBlitz! 

Using the iNaturalist app, record as many different species as you can between 26 - 29 April and see if your city can beat Tokyo, Paris, Rio de Janeiro, Barcelona, Dallas, Miami, Washington DC, Madrid, Mumbai and Rome.

Click here to find out more.

Manchester Festival of Nature is taking place in Heaton Park on 29 June 2019


Manchester Festival of Nature is coming to Heaton Park on Saturday 29 June 2019!

Grab your loved ones and come along to enjoy wildlife activities for the whole family. There will be performances based on the brilliant book 'The Lost Words', games and crafts, and other activities you can take part in to discover and support our wonderful wildlife.

Want to go one step further? Dress up as a bee and help us create a new World Record whilst raising raising awareness of the plight of all our vitally important insects.

We will be joined by Cheshire Wildlife Trust, RSPB, National Trust, City of Trees, RHS Worsley, TCV, Manchester Museum, Manchester Metropolitan University, Chester Zoo, Action for Conservation, Sustrans, Manchester City Council and many more yet to promise their support.

Keep your eyes peeled throughout April as #MFoN uncovers more details.